Sans Soucis/ Jansen Add on Facial Treatments

frangipani-iconFacial Fluids

Cost: R80.00 each

This unique facial tonic for the skin provides the skin with a boosted effect and high amounts of activity, providing instant effect and long lasting results.

frangipani-iconAlginate Mask
(Peel Off)

Cost: R140.00

These peel off masks imprint the skin having a rebalancing, remineralising, reboosting action ideal for natural and sustained radiance.

frangipani-iconBio-Cellulose Collagen Mask

Cost: R250.00

This collagen based mask tightly hugs and comforts the skin providing hydrating and hugely anti-ageing effects on the skin.

frangipani-iconDermafleece Collagen Mask

Cost: R330.00 each

A customised collagen mask. Pre-cut to fit facial contours, boosting the plumpness and firmness of the skin by releasing high amounts of collagen.

frangipani-iconThermo Plaster Mask

Cost: R220.00

This self heating mask facilitates the complete absorption of active ingredients. It is warm and comforting and ideal for chilly months and dry skins.

frangipani-iconFirming Neck Treatment

Cost: R420.00

Enhancing the ageing of this delicate tissue. This anti-ageing neck treatment works on sagging skin, fine lines and wrinkles associated with the neck area.

frangipani-iconEye Treatment (Puffiness)

Cost: R120.00 each

This treatment reduces the affects of puffiness around the eye area. Whether from lack of sleep, poor lifestyle or hormonal imbalances, this treatment helps to drain and eliminate toxins from this zone, leaving the eye contours fresh and revitalised.

frangipani-iconEye Treatment

Cost: R160.00

This treatment enhances and maintains the eye contour area completely by boosting it with specific anti-ageing ingredients to eliminate lines and wrinkles and rejuvenating the entire zone for sustainable results.

frangipani-iconLip Treatment

Cost: R160.00

The lip is often an area that is over looked. The lip area requires complete maintenance for sustained results. This anti-ageing treatment provides the skin with moisture and restructuring.

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