Lilian Terry Body Treatments

frangipani-iconDetoxifying Body Wrap

Duration: 1 hour
Cost: R400.00

This wrap has been designed to accelerate the removal of foreign chemicals, i.e. air pollutants and chemical pesticides, and to decrease the damaging effect of free radicals. An excellent body treatment for people who are exposed to high levels of stress and pollution, and those who suffer from lack of energy due to unhealthy lifestyles and lack of exercise.

frangipani-iconVitality Body Wrap

Duration: 1 hour
Cost: R400.00

This intensive clay body treatment has been developed to bring both physical and emotional benefits to the client. It can be used as a booster of immunity, hormone function and circulation to improve general vitality.

frangipani-iconSerenity Body Wrap

Duration: 1 hour
Cost: R400.00

This clay body wrap treatment has been designed to free up the mind and ease the stresses and strains of an emotionally demanding lifestyle. The minerals are used for treating high levels of stress and are of help in balancing energy levels and benefitting the body through their strong anti-oxidant effects. This body treatment is valid for all skin types; however it is especially active for people who have dehydrated, prematurely aged skin that exhibits poor regenerative ability.

frangipani-iconMuscle Ease Body Wrap

Duration: 1 hour / 20 minutes
Cost: R400.00 (full body) / R220.00 (back wrap after back massage to help aching muscles)

This body clay wrap is particularly recommended for aching muscles and joint discomfort. It is ideal to aid the recovery of muscle stiffness and soreness. It also provides relief to inflammation of the joints, as well as high build-up of lactic and uric acid, which manifests in muscular aches and pains.

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